Terms and Conditions

At kids@Play, we provide service and quality. Health and Safety concerns are on top of our list. We appreciate all parents’ cooperation in adhering to our hygiene standards within Kids@Play premises.

  •  For the well being of everyone, we appreciate you visiting us only if your child does not display  symptoms of sickness.
  • Please wear clean socks at all times at Kids@Play. Should you wish to purchase a pair of socks, they are available at tickets counter.
  • Children who are not fully toilet trained must wear a diaper when playing in the playground.
  • Children should play in the appropriate play zone according to their physical development. We recommend children’s age between 5 to 14 to access the grown-up kid playground and 4 and under to access the toddler playground.
  • Parents and guardians are required to accompany their toddlers at all times at toddler playground. Please do not leave your children unattended. We do not provide a nursery.
  • Our facility is designed for children’s play. Adults kindly refrain from riding, jumping, etc. on the equipment.
  •  Please remove glasses, hair clips and sharp objects before using the facilities in the playground.
  • Kids@Play shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage for any personal belonging or any injury sustained to any person arising out of or in connection with the use of the playground. As parents, you are the best persons to make decisionsfor your children play at Kids@Play.
  • A deposit of 50 B for children and 100 B for adult required for each wristband issued.Please return the wristbandat the checkout counter for your deposit. No deposit will be returned if the wristband is not return to the checkout counter at the same business day.
  •  No rough play is accepted and absolutely no pushing or fighting whilstin the playgrounds.Always be respectful to other children, we do not tolerate bullying at Kids@Play.We reserve the right to ask children to leave the premises if they are not behaving respectfully.
  • All food consumed in Kids@Playmust be purchased from our café except for babies and children with special dietary requirements. Food must be consumed in the café area, resting area or party rooms and may not be brought into the play areas
  • Kids@Play reserves the right to request any guest to leave the playground if who does not wish to following the Kids@Play terms and conditions. No refund applicable.
  • Kids@Play reserves the right to use any photos taken at and around Kids@Play for its own marketing and commercial purpose.
  • Kids@Play reserves the right to amend the rules herein at any time without any prior notice.