Party Rooms


Kids@Play is much more than a playground, it has six themed party rooms where youngsters are welcomed into a world of fantasy where their imagination is challenged and they can learn as they play, under professional guidance. 

Princess & Knight Party Room

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and boys imagine themselves as a Knight in Shining Armor. In this medieval world of damsels in distress and handsome noblemen, children can let their imaginations run wild. It’s a great place for a kids’ party with a difference.

Features: Throne, Pumpkin Carriage and costumes for kids.

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Music/Magic Room

This room is purposely design for music schools to holding concert at Kids@Play. It features an acoustic designed recital chamber that is capable to extend to next two rooms. An impressive grand piano that’s irresistible for children to test their musical skills. It’s an ideal environment for kids with musical abilities and for the tiny tots to enjoy the music. Conjuring party tricks are also an attraction of this room.

Features: Acoustic designed recital chamber and Grand piano.

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Cooking Party Room

Mums whose kids love to help out in the kitchen will also appreciate this ’workshop’ room, where young visitors can learn basic cooking skills or try out the dishes they help to prepare at home. Kids@Play provides a fully-equipped spacious kitchen with ovens, microwave, stoves and all the necessary utensils which are also available for school culinary classes. Room size:

Features: Kitchen utensils, microwave, ovens and sinks. Price:

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Science & Art Room

Scientists and artists of the future can get started in this room, where kids can participate in easily understandable science experiments and artistic techniques under the guidance of Kids@play staffs.

Features: easy laboratory equipment, art supplies.

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Space Party Room

Kids can journey to the stars in this fascinating room, where they learn about our solar system and its mysteries. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will one day become an astronaut. Dreams and ambitions are created here at Kids@play.

Features: Acrylic solar system model, meteor rainfall light.

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Dinosaurs Party Room

Kids take a big step back in time in the Dinosaur Party room, where prehistory is recreated and a vivid impression is given of life on Earth millions of years ago.

Features: Dinosaurs model and Stone Age decorations.

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